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Who is Known as the King of Cricket in the World 2023? Virat Kohli Or Babar Azam

Cricket is a sport that enjoys immense popularity and has a massive fan following globally. Debates frequently arise among fans about who rules the cricketing world and deserves the crown of the ‘King of Cricket’. As of 2023, a few contenders have emerged as the possible heirs to the throne across formats. Let’s analyze the standout stats and achievements of cricketers in contention to be crowned as the modern day ‘King of Cricket’.

The title of King is bestowed upon the cricketer who dominates batting records, consistently peaks through performance graphs and has an undisputed mastery over all formats of the game. With cricket being played in three formats – Tests, ODI Cricket and T20Is, consistency across all three formats is a must to be a contender for the crown.

In the world of cricket, few titles carry as much weight and intrigue as the “King of Cricket.” As of 2023, this title is more contested than ever, sparking debates and discussions among cricket enthusiasts globally. This article delves deep into the concept of the “King of Cricket,” exploring various aspects from players who have earned this title to the metrics that define it. Whether you’re a die-hard cricket fan or new to the sport, this exploration offers a comprehensive understanding of one of the most prestigious accolades in cricket.

Why is Virat Kohli Known as the King of Cricket in 2023?

When it comes to modern day cricket, no other name dominates conversations more than Indian batting maestro Virat Kohli. He is the pre-eminent candidate to be considered the ‘King of Cricket’ currently for the following reasons:

  • Highest ranked ODI batsman since 2017 with an average of over 50.
  • Fastest to reach 10,000 ODI runs in just 205 innings.
  • In ODIs, he holds the record for most runs (12,754 runs) by an active cricketer in the World
  • Has scored 43 ODI centuries, only behind Sachin Tendulkar.
  • His 27 Test centuries equal the great Ricky Ponting.
  • Considered one of the greatest chase masters in ODI history.
  • ICC ODI Player of the decade from 2010-2020.
  • Led India to historic Test series wins in Australia and England as captain.

In all three formats combined, Kohli has scored 24,833 international runs till date. Kohli’s consistency as a master chaser and his dominance across conditions make him the frontrunner to be crowned King of modern cricket.

What is Joe Root’s Claim to be Called the New King of Test Cricket?

While Virat Kohli dominates limited overs cricket, Joe Root has staked a claim to be the new ‘King of Test Cricket’ through his recent batting exploits for England. Here is his case for Test royalty:

  • Highest ranked Test batsman in 2023 with an average nearing 50.
  • His 10,200 Test runs are the highest among active players.
  • Scored over 1500 Test runs in 2021, third most in a calendar year.
  • Hit centuries in Sri Lanka, India and West Indies to showcase his mastery.
  • Captained England to a record breaking run chase of 277 vs India in 2021.
  • Named ICC Test Player of the Year in 2021 owing to his sublime form.

Root’s sublime consistency and ability to score daddy hundreds make him the finest Test batter today. His statistics and match-winning knocks reveal his credentials as the King of the longest format.

Does Babar Azam Have an Edge in T20 Cricket in the World?

Pakistan’s batting sensation Babar Azam has emerged as the No.1 T20I batsman in ICC rankings through his continuous run scoring over the past few years. He can stake a claim as the ‘King of T20 Cricket’ through the following achievements:

  • No.1 ranked T20I batsman since 2018 with an average of 46.89.
  • Fastest batsman to score 2000 T20I runs, reaching it in 52 innings.
  • Holds the record for most runs scored by a batsman in T20Is with 3122 runs.
  • Top run scorer in the T20 World Cup 2021 with 303 runs at 60.6 average.
  • His batting style has been compared to the great Virat Kohli.

Babar Azam’s dominance in T20 cricket, ability to remain consistent and his match finishing prowess make him a top contender for the T20 kingship crown.

Who Has the Strongest All-Format Claim Between Kohli and Smith?

Both Virat Kohli and Steve Smith have staked a claim as all-format batting kings with their enviable record across Tests, ODIs and T20Is. But Kohli edges out Smith as the stronger all-format contender based on his standout numbers across the three formats:

Kohli vs Smith

  • Test Runs: 8071 vs 7765
  • Test Average: 49.53 vs 60.89
  • ODI Runs: 12,754 vs 4,162
  • ODI Average: 57.68 vs 42.03
  • T20I Runs: 4007 vs 352
  • T20I Average: 52.65 vs 29.33

Kohli’s better record in limited overs cricket strengthens his claim as the all-format king compared to Smith whose greatness is more skewed towards Test cricket. Kohli’s unprecedented success across all three formats makes him the most well-rounded contender.

The Bottom Line: Virat Kohli Has the Strongest Claim Currently

While many great cricketers stake a claim to dominating individual formats, Virat Kohli’s standout performance across Tests, ODIs and T20Is makes him the most worthy claimant to the ‘King of Cricket’ title in 2023 and beyond. He tops the batting charts across formats and his unmatched consistency sets him apart.

Kohli has already accomplished feats that elevate him to an all-time great status at just 34 years of age. Given his fitness, hunger for runs and ability to regularly deliver match winning performances, Kohli’s reign as the king of cricket is set to continue in the coming years. It will take an extraordinary effort from other contenders to dethrone the run machine.

For now, Kohli is primed to build on his superlative batting records across formats. If he maintains his current form and peak fitness levels, Virat Kohli is likely to end up as a strong contender for the greatest batsman of all time when he hangs up his boots.

Virat Kohli the King of Cricket?: A Reign Like No Other

Virat Kohli, often referred to as “King Kohli,” has been a dominant force in international cricket. With his aggressive style, Kohli has set numerous records across all formats, making him a prime candidate for the title. His leadership as the former captain of the Indian cricket team and his impressive stats, including 27 centuries in ODIs and over 12,000 runs, solidify his claim.

Babar Azam: The Rising Contender

Babar Azam, the Pakistani cricket sensation, has been making waves in the cricket world with his elegant batting style and consistent performance. As of 2023, he is seen as a potential successor to Kohli’s legacy, challenging the established norms and bringing a fresh perspective to what it means to be the “King of Cricket.”

Comparing Formats: ODI, T20I, and Test Cricket

The format of cricket significantly influences a player’s legacy. While ODIs and T20Is offer a platform for explosive and dynamic play, Test cricket tests a player’s endurance and technique. The King of Cricket is often a player who excels across all formats, showcasing versatility and adaptability.

Rohit Sharma: The Silent Competitor

Rohit Sharma, another prominent figure in Indian cricket, has made a case for himself with his extraordinary batting skills, especially in the shorter formats. His record in T20Is and ODIs, including multiple double centuries, puts him in the conversation for the title of the King of Cricket.

Virat Kohli vs. Babar Azam: Who Reigns Supreme?

This comparison is inevitable in the cricketing world. While Kohli boasts more experience and records, Babar’s rise has been meteoric, marked by consistency and elegance. Their head-to-head stats, impact on their respective teams, and performances in crucial matches offer a fascinating study in cricketing greatness.

The Old Guard: Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni

Sachin Tendulkar, often called the “God of Cricket,” and MS Dhoni, a successful captain and wicketkeeper-batsman, set the standards for what it means to be great in cricket. Their contributions to the sport provide a benchmark for future generations.

The New Age: Who is the New King of Cricket?

The search for the new King of Cricket is ongoing, with several young talents showing promise. This section explores potential candidates who could take up the mantle in the coming years, considering their current performance and future potential.

The Impact of the IPL and T20 Cricket

The Indian Premier League (IPL) and the T20 format have revolutionized cricket, bringing a new dimension to the game. This section discusses how these platforms have provided opportunities for players to showcase their skills and make a claim for the title of King of Cricket.

The Future of Cricket Kingship

The future of cricket’s royalty lies in the evolution of the game and the emergence of new talents. This section offers predictions on how the title of King of Cricket might evolve, considering the changing dynamics of the sport and its global impact.

Key Takeaways

  • The title of “King of Cricket” is subjective and evolves with the game.
  • Virat Kohli’s dominance across formats makes him a strong contender.
  • Babar Azam’s rise challenges the established norms of cricketing greatness.
  • The impact of different formats on a player’s legacy is significant.
  • Emerging talents and the evolution of cricket will shape the future of this prestigious title.

This exploration of the King of Cricket in 2023 provides a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to this esteemed title and the players who have a claim to it. As the sport continues to evolve, so will the criteria and contenders for this coveted title, making it an ever-engaging topic for cricket enthusiasts around the world.

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